Sometimes I Just Wear Myself Out b​/​w Picket

by Punk Luxury

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released January 13, 2015


tags: punk truro Canada


all rights reserved


Punk Luxury Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Sometimes I Just Wear Myself Out
still my beating mind, i’m tired again. read the news, checked pulse- i’m dead again. i have both feet in mouth again. wool teeth, i’m bored- where’s cnn? tried to strangle myself in again. turned blue, 'least i’m not white again. the only other man in blue is a cop but holy shit i’m not his friend.


steal my loathing mind, i’m sad again. scan the stocks, buy a pop- i’m broke again. what’s the matter with your friend again? quit the race, stayed clean- he drinks again. tried to strangle myself in again, brain dead white man not this again. should become a cop the way i am brain dead white man, this again?

Track Name: Picket
it’s another fuck you song blah blah blah. trust fund brat misogyny rah rah. history of violence one two three. gentlemen’s club? you’re kidding me.

anticipate the fracture of us from them. shallow pits they can live and stew and stew their meat.

but in reality all their goals they’ll meet. a different kind of separate equality.

one hundred fuck you’s not enough to spill all the hatred in our guts. you represent the worst of life- white picket fences. we picket wages.

white picket fences while we picket wages.