Be a Good Man

by Punk Luxury

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released May 8, 2014

evan mumford- bass & vocals
joel gray- guitar & backing vocals
adam cavanaugh- drums

recorded by luke mumford in april 2014



all rights reserved


Punk Luxury Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Snap, Broke, Tag
can’t wait to die, give all my parts away, man. already give all my blood away, man. there’s something rotting in this town, man. can’t wait to run away or burn it down.

can’t wait to hate government full time, man. already hate man full time, man. some fucking mustache now, man. can’t wait to run away or trim it down.

snap, broke, tag- you’re it, sell yourself
you’re it, hate yourself
you’re it, freud yourself
snap broke tag snap broke tag brain broke tag.
Track Name: Camo Flag
these things are slipping away. i can’t control my hands & my thoughts are really strange. this skin is fading away, i can’t control my age- i guess that’s not so strange.

my hate breaks my smile again. my hate breaks my love. my hate breaks my hate. my hate breaks nothing but my own frame.

i coulda been a good man if you’d been there to shoot me every minute of my life.
Track Name: Forget Everything
good die young, good die young? forget. dress me up, dress me up. disney tuck, disney tuck. makes me sick, make me sick.

forget everything, it’s a pile of shit
forget my name, i’m a pile of shit.
Track Name: Jester
fatty orphan sends his love; he couldn’t be here, he’s wrapped too tight in uniform. they packed him away & cut out his brain, it was sick and i couldn’t stomach it.

fatty orphan slept too long; he couldn’t be here he’s talked so tight. in uniform, they held him close & spit in his face, it was sick- i couldn’t stomach it.

fatty orphan where’s your love? i wish you were here but you’re so uptight. backstage, we held you high, you spit in our face- it was sick. stomach it.

jester of mine. adjust.
just, you’ve really done it this time.
Track Name: Tonsil Town
moon, give me a break. concrete, give me a break. someone, give me a break. oh god, i could use that break.

moon, give me a hand. concrete, give me a hand. someone, give me a hand. oh god, i could use that hand.

yeah, if the earth should break we all fall out well that’d be great.
Track Name: Mills
it's all your fault.

Track Name: Bill Stickers is Innocent
they count their money, they laugh in your face. say education, education’s a waste. don’t believe them, suburbs suburbs touch. don’t believe them, suburbs green and such.

don’t be cynical, be analytical. hate their money, laugh political. don’t believe them, suburbs suburb touch. don’t believe them, suburbs greed and such.

bill stickers is innocent but i have no proof
bill stickers is innocent; he’s me and you.

they scratch they claw they make a mess of it all.
Track Name: FINE
death knell- i’m so frustrated, you know
size me up take me down i’ll flail around.

death milk-i’m so outdated, you’ll know
size me up drink me down i’ll flail around.

return of the town. oh, no.